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2022-05-17 - 7:29 p.m.

We are now in Mid may of 2022! Boy how fast time goes.. Well, let's see... about 2 weeks ago I got an audition for a Disney+ show "National Treasure". Then a week ago I was told that I was sent to producers for the show. But, it looks as though I didn't book the job because they started filming this week for the scene I auditioned for so.. that's the closest I've been to a real acting job in years.

This past Sunday I held a reading for my original play "The Lies We Tell Them". And it turned out really well. I've learned that the play works really well over all..but that one of the characters I wrote actually got overshadowed by the other I have to go in the script and give him a little more layer to some of the characters..but it's pretty much done. I'm going to work hard to make produce this play and hope that it turns out to be a great piece of work I would love it if someone publishes it...and better still..sees a movie in this piece and decides to make a movie out of it. That would be amazing.

I've paid down my car loan down to $851! Which feels great because I remember a few months ago thinking I was never going to break $1k! And now I'm almost out of it.. It's been a very tough 6 months because I've really been doing nothing... and this last month I haven't even been investing which is something I'm normally completely against... I always pay myself first... but I wanted to pause my investments temporarily and finish paying off this debt as fast as I could. I most definitely will be done with this either by my goal date June 1st.. or at least by June 22 where I will stop my hiatus on drinking.

Other than that... I've tried making new friendship and I keep failing at them. I don't know what I keep doing wrong but every time I put my foot out there to make friends people don't seem to respond to me.. which makes it very hard because I'm bored... I don't have a social life.. I don't go out to bars to drink.. I'm just home doing nothing while there is a big world out there. I dunno.. why is it so hard to make friends as an adult?

Anyway, those are all the updates for now.. until next time.


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